Main Features

• Support table, takeout, tab
• Print receipt, kitchen, bar, order, report
• Various discount, surcharge and tax
• Staff time clock
• Sales report
• Table reservations
• Pay in & pay out
• Expense management
• Inventory management


• Printers:
  1. W&O POS printer adapter
  2. Wi-Fi/Lan or USB thermal printer
  3. Bluetooth thermal printer

• Android Devices:
  • Phone, tablet and POS machine
  • Android version 4.0.3 or above
  • Display size: 4", 5", 7", 10" or up

• Other Hardwares:
  Cash drawer, scanner, kitchen scale

Customization & Integration

• Kichent Display System
• Customer Display System
• Payment Integration
• Digital Menu
• Kiosk - Self Ordering
• Could Report
• Online Ordering

What our customers say

Really good service for a medium sized restaurant. It seems to be on the ball and provides regular updates. Highly recommended.

Spice Lounge

Certainly the best POS app there is. Had quite a number of hiccups but technical support is always ready to help. Thanks!

Eugene Fong

VERY GOOD POS SYSTEM Very easy to setup. Well done for their support team .Fast response and able to accept customer feed back.Thank your team.

Leong Kok Yew