Restaurant POS

W&O Restaurant POS

W&O Restaurant POS is a full featured, easy to use and affordable POS system for any small or medium-sized business.
The software runs on Android (with an optional Windows server for multiple input devices) and is compatible with standard hardware such as printers and cash drawers, saving customers time and money.

W&O Restaurant POS is perfect for: Full-service restaurants, Quick service restaurants, Nightclubs, Pizzerias, Bars, Coffee Shops, Food Trucks and Food Kiosks.W&O POS is being actively developed, with regular updates, and the developers are continually adding new business types to meet the specific needs of customers around the world. If your business does not fall into the above categories, we can design a custom POS system for your business at a low cost -- just contact us at:Email. For bug reporting or suggestions, contact us at: UserVoice. You can run W&O POS apk on android emulator for Windows PC: Bluestacks. We also provide Teamviewer to remote support on Windows PC and Android Device.

The stand-alone version runs on Android devices and does not require a server. All data is saved on the local device without the need of an Internet connection. This version is most suitable for small restaurants and kiosks where one input device is sufficient. You can download/install the 15-day trial version at Download Tablet Apk or you can directly download and purchase the app in Google Play.

The local server version is same as the stand-alone version, but it supports multiple devices taking orders at same time. The server program runs on an Windows Computer with your local internal network. Your Android Devices connect to Windows Computer using WiFi without Internet connection. This is a much faster and stable solution than an Internet/Cloud based one. You can download/install the 30-day trial version from here: Download Tablet Apk v1.8.8.1 Download Server Software v1.1.7.1 . If you having problem on setup, check the server setup guide or contact us.

Purchase server program with device licenses

How to Purchase from our Website

No monthly or annual fee. One time cost.
You can purchase W&O POS licenses from our website. After the paypal payment is approved, email us the serial id in the app, and we will send you an activation code within the day.



  1. Dine in, takeout and delivery
  2. Add, void items
  3. Hold/release items
  4. Split, combine and transfer orders
  5. Apply discount and subcharge
  6. Support tax1, tax2, and tax3
  7. Sell items by weight


  1. Order Report
  2. Void Order Report
  3. Transfer Order Report
  4. Item Report
  5. Modifier Report
  6. Category Amount Report
  7. Category Quality Report
  8. Payment Report

Payment &Tax Handling

  1. Support up to three different tax rates
  2. Assign taxes on items
  3. Include tax number on receipt
  4. Display price with tax or without tax
  5. Setup discount categories with fixed discount percentages and amounts
  6. Allow different payment methods on same bill
  7. Rounding up/down with 0.05, 0.10, 0.50, 1.00, 5, 10, 100, 1000

Role Permissions

  1. Detailed control of rol permissions
  2. Manage permission by showing functions or approve by manager


  1. Manage tables, categories, items, modifiers and kitchen notes
  2. Include/Exclude tax on item price
  3. Supports multiple kitchen/bar printers on items
  4. Discount price schedule on items
  5. Share menu with multiple devices by Google Drive™

Multi-Region Capabilities

  1. Supports multiple currencies and formats
  2. Supports multiple decimal configurations
  3. Supports multiple date and time formats

Hardware Bundles

mPOP bundle US$899

Star Micronics mPOP (printer, cash drawer, tablet stand)
Samsung Galaxy Tab A
W&O Restaurant POS (standalone version)


Star mPOP scanner
Star Kitchen TSP143
Heckler Design WindFall Stand

Complete bundle US$569

Fire HD 8 Tablet, 8" HD Display, Wi-Fi, 16 GB
Receipt Thermal Printer Lan/USB, 80mm, Auto Cut
W&O Restaurant POS (standalone version)


Star Kitchen TSP143
Cash Drawer, 4Bills, 5 Coins, Black
Honeywell 1250g Scanner

POS terminal 1 bundle US$799

14 inch (1920*1080) Anroid POS
Built-in 80mm Thermal Printer
W&O Restaurant POS (standalone version)


Star TSP143 Kitchen Printer
Cash Drawer, 4Bills, 5 Coins, Black
Honeywell Scanner

POS terminal 2 bundle US$699

14 inch (1920*1080) Android POS
Receipt Thermal Printer Lan/USB, 80mm, Auto Cut
W&O Restaurant POS (standalone version)


Star TSP143 Receipt Printer
Cash Drawer, 4Bills, 5 Coins, Black
Honeywell Scanner

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