Restaurant KDS

W&O Restaurant KDS

W&O Kitchen Display saves time and money comparing traditional printers. The app receives order from W&O Restaurant POS app and display. If you need customize KDS, just contact us. You can download and install the 15 days trial with full features at Download Apk v1.0.7.1 and purchase with PayPal (US$119 US$79).


  1. Alert orders in color to indicate an order has exceeded expected time
  2. Track individual order and item
  3. View history orders
  4. View item summary
  5. Prioritize item
  6. Color status item
  7. Support different kitchen monitors
  8. Work in tandem with kitchen printers

Hardware Bundles

KDS Terminal Bundle US$479 US$359

14 inch (1920*1080), Lan/Wifi, Android POS
W&O KDS License


What kind of hardware do I need to run the WnO KDS?

WnO KDS runs on android 4.1 or above devices with screen size 7”, 10” or above

How to setup WnO KDS?

Follow the KDS setup guide.