Self-Ordering Kiosk

W&O Self-Ordering Kiosk

More and more customers asking for customer ordering system, so WnO designed the Self-Ordering Kiosk, as a valid alternative to the POS, where the customer is directly taking order as fast and easy. The system offers a complete range of advanced functionalities, developed to improve the efficiency of the point of sale.


  1. Simple order steps for patrons
  2. Automatic display of priced add-ons or combos
  3. Menu display item promotions
  4. Accept cash payment at the register for orders placed at the Kiosk
  5. Customizable branding and menu display
  6. Seamless integration with WnOPOS


What kind of hardware do I need to run the WnO Kiosk?

WnO Kiosk runs on android 5.1 device with screen size 10” or 32”. WnO Kiosk supports PC-Printer Adapter, Wi-Fi/Lan or USB printers which as same as WnO POS.

How does Kiosk integrate with the POS?

Because WnO Kiosk was built by WnO, it is seamlessly integrated with the POS, lowering training time and reducing the complexity of management during service (unlike some alternative systems).

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How to use Kiosk?