Restaurant KDS

W&O Restaurant KDS

W&O Kitchen Display System (KDS) uses your android tablet to display order information in kitchen/bar while you are taking order on W&O POS. Kitchen staff review orders by time, course and status, and get sound notification for new order.

No monthly or annual fee. One time cost. No need Internet connection.

You can directly download from our website with the 15-day trial period at W&O Kitchen Display System APK v9.8.0. After satisfied with W&O Kitchen Display System, you can directly purchase with PayPal.


  1. Alert orders in color to indicate an order has exceeded expected time
  2. Track individual order and item
  3. View history orders
  4. View item summary
  5. Prioritize item
  6. Color status item
  7. Support different kitchen monitors
  8. Work in tandem with kitchen printers

Hardware Bundles


14 inch (1920*1080), Lan/Wifi, Android KDS
W&O Kitchen Display System License


What kind of hardware do I need to run the WnO Kitchen Display System?

WnO KDS runs on android 4.1 or above devices with screen size 7”, 10” or above

How to setup WnO Kitchen Display System?

Follow the KDS setup guide.

How to use KDS?