POS Customization

POS Customization

Since we developed WnOPOS, and have good technical skills. We can create affordably programs and add-ons that give you the functions and features you need to run your business. These can include: Stand-alone program development and web programming.

POS Integration

We provide the integration with other systems. Like Payment (MintPayment, MasterPass, AliPay, WeChat), Regional Tax Integration, On line ordering, Accounting System (QuickBooks) etc.

POS Personalization

Working with our developers of your POS has its advantages. We can change and add-on and modify W&O POS (within reason) to meet the specific needs of your business. Right now we had developted Kitchen Display System, Customer Face Display, Kiosk Self Ordering etc for our specific customers.


What kind of features can I customize/integrate to WnO POS?

We can customize/integrate any specific needs of your business with reasonable requirement.

Want to customize POS?

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W&O POS integrated with Credit Card Terminal