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W&O Retail POS

W&O Retail POS is a full featured, easy to use and affordable for small and medium stores. Retail POS is compatible with your existing hardware like printers and cash drawers, which saves your time and money.

W&O Retail POS is a point of sale for stores offering electronics, clothing, toys, books, baby items. We keep adding new business type to meet the different requirements from customers. If the above business types do not meet your need, we do provide tailor-make specialty POS system for your business with low cost, just contact us. If you find any bugs or suggestions, go to our UserVoice.

No monthly or annual fee. One time cost. No need Internet connection.
After the PayPal payment, email us serial ids in the app, we will send you activation code within day.

The stand-alone version including full features runs on Android devices and does not require a server. All data is saved on the local device without the need for an Internet connection. This version is most suitable for small stores where one input device is sufficient. You can download and purchase it from Google Play . Or you can directly download the 15-day trial version with full features at Download Apk v1.1.5.6 and purchase with PayPal (US$199 US$159).

The local server version is same as the stand-alone version, but it supports multiple devices taking orders at same time. The server program runs on an Windows Computer with your local internal network. Your Android Devices connect to Windows Computer using WiFi without Internet connection. This is a much faster and stable solution than an Internet/Cloud based one. You can download/install the 30-day trial version from here: Download Tablet Apk v1.1.4.3 Download Server Software v1.0.0. If you having problem on setup, check the server setup guide or contact us.

Server with device licenses
Save up to 25% off



  1. Add items by scan barcode
  2. Hold/unhold order
  3. Apply discount and subcharge
  4. Support Tax1, tax2, and tax3
  5. Sell items by weight


  1. Order report
  2. Item report
  3. Category Amount Report
  4. Category Quality Report
  5. Payment Report

Payment &Tax Handling

  1. Support three kinds of taxes
  2. Assign taxes on items
  3. Include tax number on receipt
  4. Display price with tax or without tax
  5. Setup discount reason and fixed discount percentage and amount
  6. Allow different payment methods on same bill
  7. Rounding up/down with 0.05, 0.10, 0.50, 1.00, 5, 10, 100, 1000


  1. Manager/cashier/waiter role permissions
  2. Manage permission by showing functions or approve by manager


  1. Manage category,item
  2. Three kind of taxes on items
  3. Include/Exclude tax on item price
  4. Price schedule on items


  1. Support your country currency and format
  2. Configurable Decimal place
  3. Support your date and time format

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