Customer Facing Display

W&O Customer Facing Display

W&O Customer Facing Display (CFD) app uses an android tablet to display sale information to your customers while you are processing a sale. Customers see the items being scanned, the total price of their purchase, discounts and taxes in real-time.

You can directly download from our website with the 15-day trial period at W&O Customer Facing Display APK v6.8.0. After satisfied with W&O Facing Display, you can directly purchase with PayPal.



  1. Shows menu items, modifiers and prices in real time
  2. Shows the change for a transaction when you complete a sale
  3. Shows a Customer Name when choose a Customer to a sale
  4. Customize fonts, colors and images in your restaurant's style
  5. More features will be added soon!


What kind of hardware do I need to run the WnO Customer Facing Display?

WnO Customer Facing Display runs on android 4.1 or above devices with screen size 7”,10” or above.

How to use Customer Facing Display?